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Your Face is my Underwear! (HD)
Your Face is my Underwear! (HD)

Video-Length: 7m 51s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
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"Oops! I farted! Oops again! Sorry!" Melissa says laughing as she continuously farts in my mouth one after the other! My face is trapped in the 'Smother Harness' unable to move out from her behind! Melissa is literally wearing my face like a TIGHT PAIR OF UNDERWEAR! She blasts more farts into my face and even mutters the word "d1e" to me as she looks on in amusement! "Ok, open your mouth. I have another one!" Melissa says immediately blasting another fart into my mouth right to the back of my throat! Towards the end Melissa raises herself up backing her bare bum into my face, "Yeah! This is awesome I'm going to wear your face like an underwear!". She holds my head in place with her hand locking my face between her butt cheeks. After a bit I begin to squirm, "He's dy1ng. He's dy1ng!" she says excitedly. Eventually I cease to move and pass-0ut between her cheeks. BEING LOCKED IN THIS DEVICE IS BRUTAL! 'SMOTHER HARNESS' SUPPLIED BY MASTERMINDCRAFTS. (clip time 7:51) "It's a good clip! She's a friken hottie and laughs each time. The first fart is like 30 seconds in--dude's face is trapped bad." -Valued Customer