Lady Bunt
Your Face is my Underwear 4 (HD)
Your Face is my Underwear 4 (HD)

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Had my hands tied with rope while Gina WORE MY FACE like a thong! Found out (the hard way) Gina served in the US Navy. "Get in there really good. I want your pearl white teeth sandy brown." I made a few serious attempts to break free as I gasped for air but her knot was solid. Gina grinds her ass back and forth shoving my tongue and nose far into the crevices of her body. I felt her moistening with sweaty as her pussy juices flowed down my throat while my nose slipped in and out of her bum hole. "I want you to just be a part of my large intestine and just get in there!" she says as if ready to feed me something human centipede style... I was very freightened, no joke. "You could be my new crotch-less pair of panties. Yeahhhh, struggle!" she whispers as if getting turned on by fucking my face with her asshole until I eventually blacked-out!