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Your Face is my Underwear 3 (HD)
Your Face is my Underwear 3 (HD)

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"Do you like being my underwear?" Sasara asks as I smother face down between her butt cheeks. She goes on to ask, "Do you wanna be my toilet paper? Then put your tongue to use." I slip in my tongue deep into the dark crevice of her bumhole with the smother harness keeping my face snuggled between her cheeks. "Now I feel like I'm wearing you like a thong because you're so deep inside my ass." she says with a bright smile as I begin to grow faint from a lack of oxygen. Sasara keeps my face pinned in the 'Smother Harness' with tongue inside and begins backing her rear into my face until it slips in deeper. Eventually I cease to move and black-out, yet she doesn't seem to mind one bit! FUNNIES AFTER END CREDITS