Lady Bunt
Winner Sits on Boy's Head 2
Winner Sits on Boy's Head 2

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Murderotica and her friend Jess play a game of rock, paper scissors over the boy's body! After Murderotica wins numerous times Jess begins thinking the boy's head might be good luck! "Ok then let me sit on the head for a bit! Jess asks. "No!" Murderotica shouts refusing to get up! "Alright I'll play you for it! Jess says! Murderotica agrees! The girls are about to play for who gets to sit on the boy's head! After losing numerous times Jess becomes frustrated! "If only I had a head under my ass..." The girls continue playing for the head! Murderotica says how the head even warms her bum a little! The girls play again only this time they bounce on him as they play! This time they change the game to thumb wars! Again they play for who gets to sit on the head! Eventually Jess finally wins! This time she feels lucky now that she's sitting on the lucky head! She wins holding her arms up in victory as she sits on the boy's head, declaring herself champion! But it doesn't end there! The girls continue to play for the head!