Lady Bunt
Warm My Ass With Ur Face 2
Warm My Ass With Ur Face 2

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Walter didn't heat the studio before a shoot in the middle of winter! To make things worse he requested that the girl wear 'short shorts' with very little clothing! She's so cold she even keeps her winter hat on! He's in a long sleeve shirt and thinks it's funny. Samantha's going to start things off by warming her bottom over his face! "Ahhh could you breathe on it a bit, warm me up!" she says sitting on his face! His face is turning red and is starting to heat up her bottom! "A little warmer now, the ensuing struggle between my ass cheeks is helping!" she says as he struggles for air beneath her bottom! She turns around facing him this time so she can see the flicker of lost hope in his eyes as she slowly smothers the life out of him! He tries speaking a few times but his words are muffled beneath her bottom! Samantha decides she'll take a warm bath once her shoot's done. The only way to finish a shoot early is to make him pass out! She wishes him 'goodnight' before sitting over his face with her fullweight while pinning him down by the arms!