Lady Bunt
Victory Pose Smother 2 (HD)
Victory Pose Smother 2 (HD)

Video-Length: 5m 44s
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"Come on I don't sit on peoples faces for free like that. I want to see some blue, come on! Yeahhh!" KBunny says filming my face slowly turning blue. She loves sitting on my face watching me turn colors, squirming, and the fact that I can't speak or breathe. "Ooh I see some blue around your eyes. You're crying? Are you crying you little baby? You're crying!!! That's ridiculous LOL" KBunny bursts out laughing as my eyes begin to tear while she films it! "I wish I could just put my butt up your throat or something." KBunny goes on taunting about the tears in my eyes, she's truly getting a thrill seeing me suffer so much! She films her own reflection in the mirror showing off her gorgeous body crushing down on my face. Towards the end she celebrates her dominance with a display of Victory Poses all while smothering me beneath her powerful thighs. She flexes her arms and raises them in Victory while laughing. KBunny rubs the victory in my face, not only with her butt, but with her words as well. "I win! I win! You're the loser, I'm the winner!" Suddenly I black-0ut, "Hello? He fainted? You fainted? Ahh, this is no fun." seemingly annoyed by the fact that I black3d-0ut too soon and didn't suffer enough to her satisfaction. (clip time 5:44)