Alpha Brats
Upside down Panty Time!
Upside down Panty Time!

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Walter's car is still snowed in so more girls are left to walk to his place from the metro in the freezing cold! Alika's so pissed she walks right in with her boots still on, "K, so come here for your christmas gift. Now!" she orders! Walter's made to kneel behind her and kiss and sniff her butt like the filth he is! "My ass is probably cold! You need to warm it up!" she says laughing! After a while she gets him on the floor and sits on his face to warm up her bum a little more! "Wow this is going to get warm really fast haha" she says bouncing her bum a little while smothering him in her panties! She's finally starting to get hot! Things must be even hotter for him being stuck beneath her bum! Alika continues with her wiggling, bouncing, and smothering until things get a bit sweaty! "You're doing a good job warming me up!" she says while still sitting on his face! "Are you sweaty?" she asks feeling his forehead with her hands while giggling! Now comes the hottest scene of the clip! Alika stands over his head and lowers her panties! She then puts them INSIDE OUT and slips them back on! "Upside down panty time! Now you get to feel my sweat from walking all this way!" she says giggling while sitting on his face again! She smothers him reverse so he smells everything her bum crack has to offer, then smothers him sitting forward so his face can absorb all the sweat from the front too! Things are about to really heat up now! "Oh god it's so sweaty! I can feel your face sliding on my bum!" (CLIP TIME 10:55)