Lady Bunt
Toilet Boy's Surprise -Sasara's Edition
Toilet Boy's Surprise -Sasara's Edition

Video-Length: 12m 13s
Video-Resolution: 640x360 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 1520 kbit/s
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This was suppose to be a simple 'Ass Worship' clip of Sasara getting ready to go out for the evening, but something scary happens to me towards the ending that makes this video into 'Toilet Slavery'. While my tongue was up her butthole I felt something pushing against it trying to push itself into my mouth! I leaned back but she kept her ass pressed against my face smothering me as her butthole puckered tightly around my tongue trying to squeeze something out! I panicked and fell back to the floor and she came down with me sitting firmly on my face, not letting me get away! My head bangs to the floor while she continues trying to push something down my throat! She mentioned in the past how she wanted to 'break' me into becoming her toilet slave, and said this was the only way to do it. I just didn't think that moment would be 'now' when I was least expecting it! Note: In compliance with C4S policy. No actual consumption in this video. EXTRA ANGLE AFTER CREDITS!