Alpha Brats
Terminated and Burglarized
Terminated and Burglarized

Video-Length: 5m 15s
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Two notorious 'femme fatale' burglars break into a boy's home while he's sleeping! "Alright now, you sit on his face and I'll push on his chest! We'll smother him until he passes ***, then we'll steal all of his valuables!" one girl says whispering to her partner! The girl abrubtely sits on his face! They smother, bounce, and wiggle their bums knocking the air out of his lungs! The girls talk about what they'll steal as they smother him! His wimpering pleas can be heard from beneath their bums! "That'd be a funny obituary, d*** by smothering!" one girl jokes as the other laughs! Having a difficult time making him pass out the girls switch places! "Make sure your butt is covering his face!" the black girl says. "Oh he's not breathing!" laughs the white girl! "Shouldn't be too much longer now!" He manages to break free from beneath her bum for a few seconds begging for them to stop! The white girl laughs pushing his face back under her bum! "Think he's d*** yet?" the black girl asks her friend! "Cause this guy's getting on my nerves, we're not leaving him alive!" The girls continue to smother him until he's d***!