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Squish On, Squish On! (Complete)
Squish On, Squish On!   (Complete)

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"Squish on! Squish on!" Nadia shouts to her two friends as she sits right in the middle! Alika sits on his face as Nadia's friend Gabby sits to her left! All three girls are sitting across Walter's body, squishing him into the couch beneath their tushies! Gabby gets up to bring the girls beers! As the girls enjoy their ice cold drinks, the boy suffers and sweats beneath their hot sweaty bums! The girls talk about all kinds of things as they continue to enjoy their drinks while ignoring the boy beneath them! As the girls begin to talk about jobs, Nadia says "I'm just a bum who lives off Walter's pain!". The girls start bouncing up and down on him squishing him further into the couch! Nadia after starts slapping the veins in his arms as the girls laugh at him! After s while of sitting and squishing him his body slowly becomes limp! "It's a rollercoster!" Nadia shouts as the girls sway over his body like a ride in the amusement park! "He's like d**d!" Alika says. "I think he cried!" Nadia says laughing. "I'm gonna break some of your ribs today Walter!" she says bouncing on him again! The girls switch places after! "You're d**d now!" Gabby says! "We're switching spots, and her ass is bigger so it'll engulf you!" Nadia says laughing! Gabby asks if his face is suppose to be pointing a certain way. The girls laugh saying his neck is probably broken under there! Gabby bounces on his face and wiggles her bum side to side! Nadia makes jokes about his neck cracking! ANOTHER FUN, HIGH ENERGY PARTY CLIP FROM THE GIRLS OF MASOROTICA PRODUCTIONS!