Lady Bunt
Sock Bully
Sock Bully

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I called this video 'Sock Bully' because Sasara refused to do a facesitting shoot unless I smelled her socks first. Her socks look cute, but don't let looks fool you. She Obviously planned this video in advance because the smell of her socks were overpowering. She knows very well I do not like socks, and I hate bare feet. Refusing to do a facesitting shoot until I smelled her feet was simply bullying me in real life. Worst part is she loved every second of it! She loved seeing my reactions to the smell, the faces I made, and the scared look on my face, she loved everything about the shoot! "I like seeing you suffer" Sasara says with a huge smirk as she buries my face beneath her feet. "Just a bit more, until you pass ___ from the smell of my socks haha" she adds which may have very well happened because her foot was stepping on my esophogus while the other covered my mouth and nose. After I black out and come to, Sasara wants a 'footsie' (selfie of me with her feet on my face) as a final souvenir for her to take home. 'SASARA'S EDITION' INCLUDES AN EXTRA ANGLE