Lady Bunt
Sneaky Fan at the Laundry Mat
Sneaky Fan at the Laundry Mat

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Murderotica needs to do a load of laundry and needs a little help working the machine. A boy walks in so Murderotica asks him for a helping hand. She looks very familiar to him but he can't quite remember from where he seen her before? He happily gives her a hand to work the machine. As she looks for a detergent he peeps in the machine and sneaks a whif of her clothes! He can't stop smelling her clothes and uncontrolably continues sniffing! She turns around and sees what he's doing! WHAT A PERVERT! After yelling at him he finally realizes who she is! She's a Superstar Fetish Model for one of the strongest studios on clips4sale! She's Murderotica, Queen of Masorotica Productions! She makes him stoop low to his knees and shoves her ASS IN HIS FACE FOR HIM TO GET A BETTER WHIFF! As he's down there she pulls down her underwear and shoves him face down so he can get a good whiff of the inside too! SHE SITS ON HIS SHOULDERS KEEPING HER UNDERWEAR FIRMLY PLANTED OVER HIS FACE! He's ceorced to SNIFF HARD AND DEEP BREATHS THROUGH HIS NOSE! She then places her ass in his face DEGRADING AND HUMILIATING him from his knees! Is this how Murderotica treats one of her Valued Customers? ONCE SHE'S DONE WITH HIM SHE PLACES HER DIRTY PANTIES OVER HIS FACE! (POV STYLE!) MURDEROTICA EVEN TAKES HIS CAR KEYS SO SHE DOESN'T HAVE TO WALK HOME HALF NAKED! ASS SNIFFERS AND PANTY FANS WILL SURELY ENJOY THIS ONE!