Lady Bunt
Smoking Brats
Smoking Brats

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INHALE OUR 2ND HAND SMOKE! WE HOPE YOU GET CANCER! Do you have a problem with these girls smoking indoors? Exhaling all that second hand smoke in your direction causing your lungs to fill with poi$on against your own free will! These girls are young, strong, and have attitude! They see you standing in that dark corner like a loner all alone and they see your facial expressions! They know you have a problem with their second hand smoke and now they're going to bully you and exhale more of it in your direction hoping to give you cancer! So breathe it all in! You don't have a choice! "We're just going to keep smoking until you drop!" says the cute blond girl! "We'll enjoy every minute of it!" Nadia adds! *MSG FROM NADIA: EACH TIME YOU FILTER BITCHES VIEW THIS CLIP WE WANT YOU TO LIGHT UP A CIGARETTE AND INHALE THE SECOND HAND SMOKE AND CHOKE WHILE YOU VIEW OUR CLIP! WE HOPE YOU DROP!