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Sinovia Smothers Cassie to Tears!
Sinovia Smothers Cassie to Tears!

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Sinovia smothers Cassie as Walter taunts her from behind the camera! He sent one of his evil minions, Sinovia, to sit on her face to exact revenge for all the years of abuse Cassie's put him through! Walter talks about how they'll stuff her body in a glad bag to dispose of her corpse once she's d***! At one point Walter holds down Sinovia's shoulder as he films to keep Sinovia from getting up, smothering Cassie to her limits! Cassie threatens Walter but she's powerless to carry out her threat while his minion smothers her without mercy! Sinovia bounces on Cassie's face enjoying her work as his personal assassin! Cassie begins to struggle with only her eyes peering out from between Sinovia's legs! Cassie is starting to turn color! Sinovia asks Walter if he thinks she should let Cassie catch a quick breath but Walter tells her to remain seated on her face! As Sinovia continues to smother, Walter zooms in on Cassie's eyes! The smothering goes on until Cassie's eyes begin to water! She eventually breaks into tears! We cut the scene short of showing her crying. After the cut scene we show footage of Cassie recovering after actually crying! She wasn't too happy with Walter! Before she could finish complaining, Walter pushes his evil minion Sinovia back on Cassie's face! Walter's not done with her until she passes out! "So this is how you punish your models?" Sinovia asks laughing as she continues to smother Cassie! Cassie begins to twitch and shake violently beneath Sinovia until her world turns black! It`s lights out for Cassie!