Lady Bunt
Shoe Boy
Shoe Boy

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Megan steps up on retarded boy's body! "Here you go! she says stepping on his face! She's wearing filthy outdoor sneakers, wet from snow and grime, plus street salt! One shoe even has her cigarette ashes on it from before! They were beyond filthy! She moves her shoes across his face making sure he gets in between every crack of those sneaker bottoms! She even bounces on him from time to time squishing the air out of his lungs! Megan stands on him the entire time ensuring he doesn't try and get away! She inspects every spot, making sure he misses nothing! Looking down at him as she looks on in dissapointment, "Keep missing spots and I'm going to make you redo the whole thing!" She continues stepping on his face as he licks her shoe bottoms. The cigarette ashes from the bottom of her shoe rubs off all around his mouth as she continues stepping on his face! He gets a bit of dirt in his eyes! "I'm going to jump on you! Yes!" she says jumping up and down on him! "Don't be a wuss, come on!" she says stepping on his face again so he can finish cleaning her shoes! "Bye shoe boy!" she says stepping down on his face as the screen goes black!