Lady Bunt
Selfie 11
Selfie 11

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As Goddess Sasara's 'House Boy' it's my duty to wake my Queen every morning with a deep and thorough ass cleaning. Sasara was out late the night before (she has a party hard lifestyle), so her behind smells of beverages, sweat, cum, dry pee stains, and dark chocolate. A pleasant smile comes to her face as she slowly comes to. She decides to 'selfie' the moment on her phone (possibly to show her friends at the next party!). The smell was intense, but turned me on even more not knowing where her butt has been all night, but massaging out each hole with my tongue and nose and she streches out relaxed. "I don't even think I wiped my ass?" she says referring to the night before. "I'm glad that you're cleaning it up this morning. Just clean everything from last night." Once I performed my oral-cleaning duties she holds my head face down into her ass and keeps me there until I cease to move. She's a cruel Goddess, but I'm happy to be her real life 'house boy' where she can crash after a party, get 'cleaned up', then leave with a purse full of cash that I give to her so she can go out and have more good times while I wait at home for her return. CONTAINS ACTUAL SELFIE VIDEO FOOTAGE FROM SASARA'S PHONE AFTER CREDITS!