Lady Bunt
School Girl Bully 5
School Girl Bully 5

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"ooh! Can I draw too!" asks Walter! "No. Make yourself useful though, come here." Kate replies tapping her bum. Walter knows exactly what to do after suffering years of abuse and bullying at the hands of Kate. He begins sniffing her cute little bum as she continues to draw. He puckers his lips and kisses her butt cheeks before burying his face back into her panties to sniff around some more."You're soooo creepy!" Kate tells him! She gives him permission to pull down her panties so he can continue kissing her bum like a little puppy! He buries his face deep between her cheeks once more until she completes her drawing! PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY KATE HERSELF! HER DRAWING KICKS ASS BY THE WAY, I ACTUALLY KEPT IT! THANKS KATE