Lady Bunt
School Girl Bully 4
School Girl Bully 4

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Kate sits all over Walter! She tries doing her homework sitting on his chest, neck, and face! She's in her school clothes and hikes up her skirt a little before sitting directly on his face! "Do you like my PINK underwear? Can I draw on you? You sure? I don't think there anything you can do about it" she says laughing sitting on him keeping him pinned under her bum! She has a lot of fun asking him if he can still breathe as she sits on his skinny little lungs laughing as she feels his lungs struggling to inhale/exhale! She takes the camera in her own hands and films her writting on his stomach that says "I love Kate". She can be such a bully! "so this is what I did to Walter" she says filming her work with pride. "He's very...really proud to be such a bitch! My little bitch!" she says laughing. "So you like my underwear huh?" Kate asks Walter. She sits on his face while still holding the camera giggling at his struggles to survive! KATE HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME FILMING AND PRODUCING THIS CLIP AND DID SUCH AN INCREDIBLE JOB! IT'S NO WONDER MASOROTICA PRODUCTIONS IS THE BEST AMATEUR SITE ON CLIPS4SALE! IT'S ALL THANKS TO GIRLS LIKE KATE!