Lady Bunt
School Girl Bully 2
School Girl Bully 2

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A girl discovers Gary's crush on her! She's the hottest most popular girl in school! She invites him over to her Dorm Room for a talk. He tries asking her out but the harder he tries the more annoyed she becomes. She TEASES him by showing off her ASS and letting him know this is what he'll NEVER GET! According to her his DICK IS SMALL and he's a BIG LOSER! After she's done VERBALLY HUMILIATING HIM THAT'S WHEN THE REAL FUN BEGINS! She gets him to lie down on her bed and he's thinking they're going to have sex! He's in for quite a surprise! SHE SITS ON HIS FACE SMOTHERING HIM TO NO END! She even TWISTS HIS NIPPLES WHILE FACESITTING HIM! She probably wanted to feel the vibrations of his screams underneath her! This girl is going to Bully him so bad he'll wish he never asked her out! MURDEROTICA WAS QUITE CRUEL IN THIS CLIP SO WE LEFT IT UNCENSORED AND UNCUT! AT ONE POINT OUR SLAVE WANTED HER TO STOP AND AS ALWAYS SHE DID NOT! THIS WAS LEFT IN THE CLIP SO YOU GUYS CAN SEE SHE DOESN'T "ACT"! SHE PUNISHES AND TORTURES BECAUSE SHE REALLY ENJOYS IT! A VERY RARE QUALITY YOU SEE IN GIRLS THAT MAKES MASOROTICA PRODUCTIONS STAND OUT FROM THE REST! GREAT FORWARD AND REVERSE FACESITTING! AND VERY REAL SMOTHERING!