Lady Bunt
Retarded Boy's New Job 10
Retarded Boy's New Job 10

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A stunningly gorgeous college girl dressed for business takes a seat in Retarded Boy's sole cleaning service chair! The bottoms are extremely filthy and worn out! She doesn't speak a word of english and he doesn't speak a word of french but it doesn't matter much seeing as how the only thing he's good for is licking the gross bottoms of her heels! He's been getting a lot of business recently because young college girls love being treated like little princesses! Why go to a regular boring shoe cleaning service when you can have one done completely by tongue! The way she sometimes smiles and giggles to herself as he licks is priceless! It's all about the prestige! PROLOGUE: The economy's been bad recently and no company will hire a retard during a recession! So in order to make ends meat he had to find a way to make a little money just to feed himself and pay the bills so he doesn't find himself living on the streets without a roof over his head. So he places an add on craigslist as a shoe shiner for young students. In order to stand out from the competition he claims the cleaning is completely done by TONGUE! Immediately he gets flooded with e-mails from students wanting their shoes cleaned! This is the story of a retard during hard economic times! (CLIP LANGUAGE: FRENCH)