Lady Bunt
Real-Estate Trample
Real-Estate Trample

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"Whoa! I can't believe I'm getting half of your commission for this. That's $7000! How does it feel?" the real-estate agent asks me as she tramples! I'm pretty sure she's crazy! She tramples me to a PULP! She was like super HYPER! She jumps, steps, stomps, totally insane! My ribs were close to cracking! Even when I tried rolling over she'd continue to trample! I couldn't get her off at times! I had to take a break after only 2 MINUTES! That's how bad it was! She's tall and destructive! Did I mention she stands on my HEAD and THROAT too! She even throws in a few VICTORY POSES! She stands on my throat until my lips turn blue! My throat was sore for a week! I called for a break (pause) after she trampled my throat for so long and she didn't even get off! That's rare to see and I love it! I told her she was evil for not getting off she laughed and simply said "I'm not evil at all, I just want my money! This is not evil, you haven't seen anything yet!" This woman is CRAZY! I think I'm going to just stand on your head now. There really isn't much there to begin with huh. Kind of stupid to give me all that money from your commission." Then she continues to practice her victory poses while standing on my skull! She tells me to stop squirming like a little girl so she could strike the perfect pose! At the very end she holds the camera while stepping down on my throat! You can see my neck flatten under her foot! She nearly CRUSHED my windpipe! DEFINITELY ONE OF THE HARDEST TRAMPLE EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE! MY THROAT WAS TOTALLED!