Lady Bunt
Real Estate Trample 2
Real Estate Trample 2

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Laura just got back from the office to trample me special before heading home. She wanted to talk business, what better way to talk business than to control the meeting by keeping me under her feet! She was pleased with the commissions I've been handing over to her so far but now she's starting to get greedy and wants more! She's talking about buying a car with my next commission! She never gets off me unless I agree to everything! When she really wants her way she steps down on my throat! Soon I won't have enough money to live and to feed myself because she'll take it all, and leave me crushed flat under her size 10 feet! Not to mention she insisted on practicing her victory pose again! She's over 6ft tall and her feet are big enough to bury my entire skull into the matress! The pain was so intense I thought my skull was going to crack under there! Flattened once more under my gorgeous real-estate agent!