Lady Bunt
Real-Estate Humiliation
Real-Estate Humiliation

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Ok so not only does she stomp me flat under her feet but to add further humiliation she makes me worship her nylons and shoes! I had to worship the feet that brutally trampled me just minutes ago! "I'm aweful tired from all that stomping you might as well sniff the feet that are going to stomp on you tomorrow!...Tomorrow and the day after!" she says with a smile as I sniff her sweaty nyloned feet! Towards the end she tells me she needs her shoes cleaned for work tomorrow and has me start by kissing the bottoms! The actual licking and cleaning comes in another clip! I got myself into serious trouble with this agent! THERE'S FOCUS ISSUES WITH THE FOOTAGE WHERE IT FADES IN AND OUT FROM TIME TO TIME, NOTHING MAJOR BUT WORTH MENTIONING. THE VIDEO JUST GETS A BIT BLURY FROM TIME TO TIME FOR A FEW SECONDS THAT'S ALL.