Lady Bunt
Random Encounter 2
Random Encounter 2

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So I was walking around the park with my big pro-grade camera while waiting for one of our girls to arrive at the metro, when this Polish woman approached me asking what it was for. I told her I enjoyed filming myself getting stepped on, bullied, or sat on by girls. She couldn't stop laughing after seeing I wasn't joking lol. I then asked her how she'd like to make $100 just to sit on me and insult me in Polish, because I told her I never had a Polish woman on my site before and I thought it would be different. I had time to while waiting for my next shoot, so figured why not. She quickly agreed so we found a quiet spot at the park. I flipped on my camera, and she wasted no time sitting on me while verbally insulting me constantly in Polish! I didn't understand much of what she said, but being insulted in another language was pretty hot! There were other people in the park with us that day like on any hot/sunny day, but they were far enough in the distance that they probably just though the woman was sitting on a blanket lol. The clip contains a lot of stomach/chest sitting, head/face sitting, public humiliation, and tons of verbal humiliation! (clip time 16:47) ANOTHER INCREDIBLE FIRST ENCOUNTER, MAKING THIS A 'ONE OF A KIND' CLASSIC IN TRUE AMATEUR FEMDOM! (clip language: Polski/Polish)