Alpha Brats
Queen of Smother
Queen of Smother

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"Are you trying to get away? You'll have to try harder than that!" Murderotica says as he escapes her ass! She grasps him firmly by the forehead positioning him back under her ass face up! She grabs both butt cheeks spreading them wide to further engulf his face and nose in her crack! Wiggling her bum from side to side as she buries his face deeper between those cheeks! The way she sometimes plays with her thongs as if teasing the camera while smothering him is simply MIND BLOWING! "You want out? Yeah? How badly?" she asks as he fights for a single breath of air before her gorgeous ass quickly SWALLOWS his face whole! All you hear after is her merciless laughter! "I'm close to passing out, please!" Walter pleads begging her to end the shoot after 8 MINUTES! But Murderotica won't let it end! She firmly grabs him by the head PUSHING and STUFFING him back under her ass as if she was him! A beautiful smile lights up across her face and he can be heard MUFFLED between her cheeks! ONE OF THE HOTTEST SMOTHER CLIPS WE'VE EVER SEEN IN A LONG TIME! MURDEROTICA KNOWS HOW TO WORK THE CAMERA LIKE NO OTHER! SHE BRUTALLY KEEPS WALTER WHERE HE BELONGS UNTIL HE BLACKS OUT! WE HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE PROUD TO SEE THE BEAUTIFUL INNOCENT YOUNG GIRL WHO FIRST STARTED WITH US 3 YEARS AGO TURN INTO THE WORLD'S MOST CRUEL WOMAN WHO CONTINUES TO LEAD OUR COMPANY FROM ONE VICTORY TO ANOTHER! MOST OF YOU KNOW HER STYLE, IF YOU LOVE IT THEN YOU KNOW YOU'LL HIGHLY ENJOY THIS CLIP! "Dear Masorotica, I have never seen such a well organized site than yours. It is amazing and clearly the best facesitting and smothering website ever. You work very hard at it, and I hope you have a very successful future. My favorite girl from your website is Murderotica because she is so beautiful, sweet, and she can dominate anyone she wants to. Have a wonderful easter weekend, tell everyone i said happy easter! thanks for your time" Thank you dear Valued Customer