Alpha Brats
Queen of Smother 2
Queen of Smother 2

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Murderotica begins by grabbing a fistfull of Walter's hair as she sits on his face! Spreading her cheeks, she wiggles her bum side to side making sure his face gets buried deep between her butt cheeks! Everytime he attempts to squirm out for air she pulls him back in by the hair! Murderotica plays with her thongs as she smothers her victim, enough to drive you insane! She bounces on his face as he gasps desperately for air! She lowers her thong seductively to tease him as he chokes for air! He slowly begins to turn purple! Murderotica conitnues fighting to keep his face buried as she giggles at his feeble attempts to squirm free! Then what she does next is unexpected! We'll have to keep it a surprise! She continues to brutally smother and bounce on him until he eventually ! THE CLIP YOU SMOTHER FANATICS HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! EXTREME OXYGEN DEPRIVATION! MURDEROTICA GOES ALL OUT IN WHAT IS QUITE POSSIBLY THE BEST SMOTHER CLIP SHE'S EVER MADE! INCREDIBLY HOT IN THE STYLE OF OLD SCHOOL MASOROTICA! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! THERE ARE MORE CAMERA ANGLES TO THIS CLIP INCLUDING CLOSE-UPS! SOME WERE JUST TOO HOT TO SHOW!