Lady Bunt
Pony Abuse 2
Pony Abuse 2

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Before the clip started Hailey told me I had to arch myself into a footrest. I couldn't really do it but that didn't stop her from planting her smelly winter boot socks on my face! She calls me the laziest person ever laughing while I smother beneath her feet! "F**k this! I'm going to stand on you! she says jumping up and down on me! She steps on my throat choking me beneath her foot! Hailey gets an idea. She grabs her winter scarf wrapping it around my neck pulling me up to my hands and knees. Then she sits on my back and starts riding me like a pony! "Weeee! Weeee!" she shouts laughing while str@ngl1ng me! My face turns deep red! She really chokes me HARD riding me around the living room! "Here, you can smell my feet while you do it!" she says shoving her feet up in my face while riding me, as if offering me some kind of sick/twisted reward! Eventually I crash land face down into her feet! She's laughing so hard while I choke on the smell of her feet! Her scarf is left wrapped around my neck as she pulls it until eventually growing bored and turning off the camera. FUN, ENTERTAINING, AND SADISTICLY CREATIVE! JUST A FEW OF THE REASONS WHY HAILEY HAS SUCH A HUGE FOLLOWING!
Tags: Brat Girls