Lady Bunt
Night Brat Becca - Complete HD
Night Brat Becca - Complete HD

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Becca comes to my place after a night out clubbing, and she's completely buzzed! She wanted to shoot and wouldn't take no for an answer (abusive girl). She brought me out to some park next to a tennis court and just started beating on me. Whipping things at my face and nuts, sitting on me, squeezing my neck, slapping me, kicking and stepping on my face, whatever she felt like doing she did! Shot on a late summer night after Becca and I had a few drinks. We took a walk down by the tennis court and shot a few clips. Becca WHIPS me over the head HARD with a pine tree twig, as I kneel before her licking the soles of her high heel shoes clean! All this happens as cars drive right by us! She SPITS in my hair, eyes, and face before ending another great night out together! I look forward to more late night beatings with Becca in the near future ^_^