Alpha Brats

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Melissa called me up wanting to 'Netflix and Chill'. This is not what I was expecting to say the least. She knows how much I hate socks and feet, so this clip right here is actual torture for me and she knows it. Most of the time she just ignores me while watching her movie as I smell her smelly socks. Her socks were damp from sweating in her winter boots all day. The smell of 'insole boot sweat' was very strong! Had like a musky smell to her socks. She flips out a phone taking selfie footage as I smell and bury my face into her feet. She playfully kicks my head with the other foot or rests it on my 'footstool skull' while sticking the toes of her socks in my mouth. I got an invitation to join her on the bed, but my 'view' of the movie wasn't so good. She lies across the bed planting both feet flat onto my face smothering me in 'sock sweat' as she continues watching. She laughs and finds my suffering amusing so she films that too. Towards the end she kneels on the bed teasing me with her behind while I'm buried face down into her sweaty socks. Her butt hovering just inches from my face Melissa finally gives me permission to kiss her ass. BLOOPS, FUNNIES, AND MELISSA'S EXCLUSIVE BONUS FOOTAGE AFTER END CREDITS!