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Nadine's First Facesitting Experience!
Nadine's First Facesitting Experience!

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"Ahhh...This isn't so bad, it's kind of comfy!" Nadine says excited to sit on a face for the first time in her life! "How do you feel? Can you breathe? Is that good?" she asks laughing and feeling a little uncertain. The boy's unable to reply because she doesn't even sit up to let him answer! "This is so cool!" she says with an excited voice! Nadine has just become a facesitter! "Are you still alive?" she asks still steaed on his face! She waits and hears no response, no movement. "Oh well...too late now!" she shrugs as she remains seated on the face! NADINE TRULY ENJOYED HER FIRST EXPERIENCE SITTING ON A FACE! SOME OF THE ANGLES MAKE IT HARD TO SEE THE ACTION BUT WE FEEL IT DOESN'T STOP IT FROM BEING A GREAT CLIP! BESIDES, HIM UNDER HER SKIRT AND NOT SEEING MUCH LEAVES MORE TO THE IMAGINATION! THE BEST WAS THAT SHE DIDN'T KNOW SHE WAS SUPPOSE TO GET UP TO LET HIM BREATHE EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE! THAT WAS PRICELESS AND EXTREMELY RARE TO SEE MAKING THIS CLIP A VERY RARE GEM! (CLIP TIME 8:50)