Lady Bunt
Nadine Sits on your Face 2
Nadine Sits on your Face 2

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"Ok guys, it's your turn!" Nadine says pulling her skirt over your head as she sits on your face! Nadine begins explaining the rules to you, "Here are the rules. You don't breathe, until I get up! You don't cheat!". Nadine gets up to give you a small break before she sits right back down! Your mouth and nose remain buried between her legs into her panties! After a while she swings around, reverse, to plant her bum on your face! She bounces over your face a little as she counts! She lifts herself quickly and drops back down on your face even faster! You better be quick at getting your breath back or she'll smother you out! NOT A LONG CLIP, DIFFICULTY LEVEL IS FOR BEGINNERS (EASY). PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT TELL OUR GIRLS WHAT TO DO OR HOW LONG TO SIT, SO IT VARIES FROM CLIP TO CLIP, GIRL TO GIRL. DIFFICULTY LEVEL: EASY