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Nadia teaches Joey about SMOTHERING! (Complete)
Nadia teaches Joey about SMOTHERING! (Complete)

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This is from Joey's first shoot with us! She is camera woman and observes her first lesson in FACESITTING! "Do you put your butt on his mouth part?" Joey asks as Nadia sits on Walter's face forward and reverse showing Joey the main positions and exactly where to place her bum and for how long. Joey watches and listens to Nadia with curiosity and anticipation! Both girls joke and laugh throughout the clip as the lessons are being demonstrated! "You can bounce!" says Nadia bouncing on his face laughing. "You're breaking his neck" Joey says laughing as Nadia continues her bouncing! "Let's do the twist!" says Joey as Nadia does a little DANCE while remaining seated on his face! "It's fun!" Nadia tells her friend! Walter twitches and squirms as he SMOTHERS under Nadia's ass! The girls continue to joke and fool around over his face as he suffers! You can tell how JOEY IS REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO SITTING ON WALTER'S FACE NEXT! Then finally the question comes! "Do you want to try? asks Nadia. "Sure!" Joey replies! Joey sits on his face! "Am I doing it right?" Joey asks her friend. Nadia hikes up Joey's skirt to see if his veins are popping out of his forhead to make sure he can't breathe! Joey LOVES it! Seeing him suffer and squirm under her bum with his bulging teary eyes! Joey can't stop laughing and giggling as she SMOTHERS him! One of the best scenes in our opinion comes when Joey does some cute VICTORY POSES while sitting on his face! "Are his eyes popping out?" Joey asks Nadia she she gets a hot close-up of the action! "I feel like i'm breaking his nose!" Joey says laughing as his nose is wedged DEEP UP JOEY'S BUM! WORDS ARE NEVER ENOUGH SOMETIMES TO DESCRIBE JUST HOW GREAT A CLIP CAN BE! MASOROTICA PRODUCTIONS HAS THE BEST AMATEUR FACESITTING ON THE NET AND CLIPS LIKE THESE ARE THE REASON WHY! THIS IS JOEY'S FIRST FACESITTING EXPERIENCE AND IT'S GREAT TO SEE HOW MUCH FUN SHE HAS AND TO ACTUALLY SEE THE PROCESS OF HER LEARNING AS SHE GOES IN THIS INCREDIBLE ONE OF A KIND CLIP! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE INTO REAL FIRST EXPERIENCES CAPTURED ON FILM! MUCH OF THE CLIP REMAINS UNCUT TO RETAIN IT'S TRUE AMATEUR LOOK AND STYLE!