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Nadia Sits on Your Face 2
Nadia Sits on Your Face 2

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WHEN NADIA SITS, YOU HOLD YOUR BREATH! "So lets see how long you can hold your breath! Nadia says looking down at you from between her legs as she's about to sit on your face! She lowers herself onto your face and the screen is covered by her panties! she gets up shortly, "haha! yeah that's right, take some air! Next time it's going to be worse!" she says sitting down on your face again! After a while she gets up to see your face starting to turn red! She laughs at how pathetic you look and tells you how things are about to get much worse for you! Your squirming begins to annoy her and she threatens to sit on your face until you pass out! She sits covering your entire face once again! You begin to sweat as you hold your breath, uncertain if she'll get up again! Finally she does, only to see if you've yet! "You're not out yet? Come on! I'm tired of looking at your face anyways!" she says laughing before sitting down again! This time you're in trouble because she's sitting for the ! NADIA'S BACK TO SIT ON YOUR ONCE AGAIN IN THIS AMAZINGLY DIFFICULT POV FACESITTING CLIP! ONLY THIS TIME, YOU MIGHT NOT MAKE IT UNTIL THE END! GOOD LUCK! (DIFFICULTY LEVEL: VERY HARD)