Lady Bunt
Mean Brat Initiation
Mean Brat Initiation

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This was one of Kylee's first clips with us back when she was new! Candice initiated her into 'MeanBrats' by blindfolding her and having her walk on a carpet (with poor Walter tucked under it of course!). Candice holds Kylee by the hand and guides her over to the carpet getting her to walk on it! "What am I stepping on!?" Kylee wonders. "You could jump if you want!" Candice says encouraging her friend! Kylee jumps up and down on it! "What is this? It's so weird!" "It's not going down, it's staying there, what is it!?" Kylee asks wondering why it's not flattening out beneath her weight! Candice encourages to stomp and trample harder saying it will eventually flatten out beneath her feet if she tries crushing it harder! Candice tells her "Pretend you're kill1ng whatever it is underneath ok?" as she looks on smiling being the only one who knows exactly what's under the carpet that her 6ft tall friend Kylee is walking, stomping, and jumping on!