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Manga Love

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Mina pulls up her dress and sits on my face with her bare bum while enjoying her new Manga. She's a bit of an Otaku and loves nothing more than to read Mangas all night long while sitting on my face. This was a shoot that she herself requested to do. Non-scripted, and completely uncensored! "Sorry, the book is good." is all Mina has to say about nearly smothering me to d****! This is a very dark, sexy, bare-butt facesitting clip with a 'side angle' and 'from behind' camera views of Mina reading her Manga while sitting on Walter's face. This was Mina's first time sitting on my face with a bare bum. Mina wanted it that way so that I could insert my tongue into her behind while she enjoys a relaxing warm winter read. My face was both a seat, and a means to keep her butt warm during this cold winter night. I came up with the clip title while editing the video after noticing how deeply immersed into her Manga she was, forgetting that I was even under her. There were a few times I was close to black1ng 0ut. Good thing I didn't or she may not have noticed!