Lady Bunt
Lesbian's Cuckold 13
Lesbian's Cuckold 13

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Kate and Emma make-out while sitting on a boy's face until his face is wet with butt sweat! The clip was shot during a heat wave so they really were sweaty! Hot face bouncing in here too by both girls as they mush his face between their cheeks! Towards the end Kate tells Emma to remain seated on his face while she gets the camera! She brings it in to shoot some hot close-ups for our viewers with more butt bouncing action, all while she directs the action! You won't want to miss this one! "Bounce on him. Keep going! This is hot! Rub yourself on his face!" Kate says directing all the action! "You like it?" Emma asks Kate! "I'm doing this for you, I don't care about him!" Emma says as they both laugh while she bounces up and down on his face! Kate gets in some hot angles!
Tags: Face Sitting