Alpha Brats
Knock-Out Smother!
Knock-Out Smother!

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Candice sits on Walter getting him in a school girl pin hold! She then quickly releases a barrage of punches! "Walter stop moving! It's suppose to be my fun time! Put your head down!" she says repeatedly punching him in the head! "Now shut your mouth!" Candice says sitting on his face while punching him in the head! "Can you even breathe under there?" she asks while still punching him in the head! She goes wild with punches to his head and ribs! She slightly lowers her bum so only his eyes peer out from underneath her tushie! She wants him to watch as she punches beats him to a pulp! "How does it smell underneath there? It smells good eh? Maybe I should sweat a little bit more by beating you up! Get all sticky!" Candice continues throwing punches like crazy! His body is going to be bruised! She switches to reverse so his face is buried into butt cheeks while throwing a few more blows to his head! Then she goes nuts punching him in the gut while she grinds his face and head into the floor with her bum! Walter turns over in pain not being able to take anymore! She won't let him stop! She stomps down on his back telling him to turn over! "Hey! Your face is really blue! I wonder if that's bruises or if it's cause you can't breathe under there!" she wonders laughing! She sits back on his face, "I'm going to do this until you go to sleep, you know that?" She throws a few more good hard punches to his head while sitting on his face! "Did he pass out yet? I think he did!" she wonders after he stops moving! She giggles and remains seated atop his face, punching his stomach! At the end she gets off holding her arms up in victory! She kicks his unconscious head a few times telling him to wake up! The camera switches to POV showing Candice sitting on his face still throwing punches to his unconscious head! No Mercy for the weak! MASOROTICA'S SUPERSTAR BRINGS YOU AN ACTION PACKED CLIP COMPLETE WITH BONUS FOOTAGE, ENOUGH TO KNOCK YOU OFF YOUR SEAT AT HOME!