Lady Bunt
Kate's Naughty Surprise?
Kate's Naughty Surprise?

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Kate lures you into buying her clip with her good looks! She's leading you on to believe it's going to be something kinky, perhaps even a strip tease? Well maybe it is! Go ahead and buy the clip! Forget about reading the rest of the description and take your chances with her! You won't regret it and you'll be in for a FUN surprise! SPOILER ALERT: DON'T READ FURTHER, UNLESS OF COURSE YOU DON'T LIKE SURPRISES! IN EITHER CASE, IT'S A MUST OWN! YOU CAN TRUST KATE! "Hello! So you really took a chance buying this clip! What exactly were you expecting? Something naughty? Something different? Well I'm sad to say just wasted your money on a stupid clip that's not going to show anything that you paid for. I'm going to stuff you under my bed!" Kate says giggling as she takes you and shoves you under her bed! "I'm going to have FUN with your wasted cash! Wooo!" she says laughing as she jumps up and down on the bed above you! "You guys are idiots!" she laughs! "Can you see it! Your hard earned cash that you spent HOURS working for just drifting away!" Kate just stole all your hard earned money at the click of a CHECKOUT BUTTON! "You loser! How can you trust an 18 Y.O. like me? You seriously haven't learned your lesson yet? Come on, get a life! You will NEVER, ever get anything that you actually want from me! You can dream on!" Kate says still bouncing around giggling! Finally she steps off the bed and takes you out from underneath! "How does it feel? Do you feel like an idiot yet? Cause you are. You are my little idiot, you silly little boy. I HATE you!" she says with a smile as she tucks you back under her bed leaving you feeling like a COMPLETE IDIOT! A VERY UNIQUE, CUTE, SEXY, FUN, AND HIGHLY ENTERTAINING CLIP THAT ONLY THE GIRLS OF MEAN BRATS CAN PRODUCE! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED NO MATTER WHAT YOUR TASTES OR FETISHES ARE! GIVE IT A TRY, YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED!