Alpha Brats
Kate's Gaming Tushie Cushion 4
Kate's Gaming Tushie Cushion 4

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Things are going to get hot and sweaty for Kate's seat because she'll be sitting on it for over 20 minutes as it struggles to survive! "Let's see if I can break a rib" Kate says smiling as she bounces on her cushion while playing SF4! She'll hit it or bounce on it anytime she loses! Kate still has that bad temper of hers! "D** b1tch, d**! D** you filthy whore!" After a while things start to get hot! "Are you hot? These pants are hot! I can feel your face burning!". Her seat reaches for the remote thinking he can pause the camera to take a break but she quickly slaps it out of it's hands! "We're going to record forever! Muah hahaha!" she says! She looks down between her legs with a smile, "Do you want to see if I can knock you unconsci0us? With this?" she says threatening to beat him over the head with the wireless ps3 remote! The things she comes up with sometimes...evil! With only his eyes and face poking out from between her legs she places the ps3 remote over his face and begins mashing on the buttons! "It's hot!" she says complaining again about the heat her chair emits beneath her tushie! Kate gets up and pulls down her pyjama pants, sitting on his face wearing only her panties! "Stop breathing into my private place!" she complains! She hits him across the head everytime he breathes, but breathing through the crotch of her panties (through his nose!) is the only way he can survive! "I'm going to show them your eyes!" she says getting up to remove the camera from it's tripod! She films his squished face from between her legs, making fun of his face and eyes as he suffers! When she's sick of seeing his face she crosses her legs over it, smothering him! Once she's had her fun she places the camera back on the tripod and sits directly over his face, smothering him! His face begins changing color and he starts tapping the couch! "What do you want?" she asks annoyed while playing her game! She probably didn't even notice he was being smothered under there! "Let's see if I can knock you out! Yeah, Yeah!" she says excitingly! After winning her match Kate flexes her muscles in victory! "Kate is the man! Right here! Watch that g u n!" she says flexing those arms! "You make my butt all weaty!" she says complaining! After losing her next match she whips the ps3 controller across the room! (like we said, she has a temper and she HATES to lose!). BONUS FOOTAGE! "You're a very comfortable chair!" she tells him! She loses her match, "You slut bag!" she says! She then talks about throwing a party using his house and booze, saying how he won't be invited! DON'T MISS THE BONUS FOOTAGE AFTER THE CREDITS!