Lady Bunt
Kate's Gaming Tushie Cushion 2
Kate's Gaming Tushie Cushion 2

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"Ewww...I can feel you breathing and it's creepy! Stop!" Kate says complaining as she plays her favorite PS3 game, SF 4! Her gaming cushion chugged down 2 energy drinks just moments ago and now it's breathing heavily under her bum distracting her! Her sitting on his chest, squishing his lungs is only making it worse for him! Kate peaks under her skirt laughing at the face stuck underneath between her legs! She closes her legs over it's face and gets ready for the next round! She talks about how hot a female character in the game is. When her cushion tries to agree she yells at him to shut up! Kate sighs after winning the match! "Life is good! Right?" she asks giggling as she takes a peak under her skirt again to see if her gaming cushion is yet! Kate's on a role! She just won another match and now she's feeling tough! She sqeauzes her cushions head between her strong thighs a few times before pinching his nose close! Kate giggles, "Can you breathe through your mouth? Yeah? And now? Nah?" she says as she plugs his nose with her fingers while sitting over his mouth! Kate's in a good mood! She moves up over his face with a smile. "And now?" she asks again giggling, knowing she won't hear an answer because she's sitting on his face now! "K, just wait till I beat him then I'll let you breathe!" she says getting ready for the next round! "Fuck! What is with the balls of fire! You! I'm going to you! Why not do a different move you idiot! Yeah I still beat him hahaha!" Her cushion's breathing is getting heavier as he suffers under her tushie! She lifts her skirt to take another peak after winning her match. His nose is buried in the crotch of her panties! She's smothering him! She plops her skirt back over his face so she doesn't have to see it's ugly face and teary eyes! After a while of sitting she raises her skirt again and we can see his face turning deep red! She bounces on his face a few times after the match and covers it again! "No one wants to see your ugly face." she says pulling her skirt over it! She's squishing him down with both hands as she smothers him! "How's it feel? Are you ?" she asks giggling! He nods his head yes! " people don't nod Walter!" she says snickering! Kate growing annoying by his heavy breathing again closes her legs over his face to muffle the sounds as she plays the next round! Near the end of the match coughs can be heard below her as she smothers him telling him he has to wait for the round to finish before he's allowed to breathe again! KATE IS ADORABLY CUTE! SHE'S SUCH A POOR SPORT WHEN IT COMES TO LOSING IN VIDEO GAMES! AT THE END OF THE CLIP CHECK OUT THAT EVIL FROWN OF HERS AFTER LOSING A MATCH! IF LOOKS COULD WE'D ALL BE ! SHE CALLS OTHER PLAYERS ALL KINDS OF NAMES TOO, IT'S QUITE CUTE! HIGHLY ADORABLE TO WATCH! FOR ALL YOU GAMING NERDS AND GEEKS OUT THERE (LIKE MYSELF!) WHO WISH TO BE KATE'S HUMAN GAMING COUCH CUSHION, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU! GAMES AND GIRLS JUST GO SO WELL TOGETHER! CLIP INCLUDES OUTTAKES AFTER THE CREDITS!