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Kate's Gaming Tushie Cushion 1
Kate's Gaming Tushie Cushion 1

Video-Length: 5m 46s
Video-Resolution: 720x480 Pixel
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"You may d1e" Kate says before taking a long sit and giggling! She wants to play video games while using him as a couch cushion for her tushie! It isn't so bad for him until Kate starts sliding her tushie over his face smothering him! She begins bouncing on his face while ignoring his pleas and moans from underneath! She gets back into the game completely forgetting about him! "I didn't even realise I was smothering you" she says laughing! "Ok one second, I'll get off as soon as im done this." she says continuing to play as he begins to twitch and gasp! If he makes her lose she threatens to finish him! His constant fighting for air are causing her to lose! KATE REALLY GETS INTO HER VIDEO GAMES! HIGHLY ADORABLE TO WATCH! FOR ALL YOU GAMING NERDS AND GEEKS OUT THERE (LIKE MYSELF!) WHO WISH TO BE KATE'S HUMAN COUCH CUSHION, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU! GAMES AND GIRLS JUST GO SO WELL TOGETHER!