Lady Bunt
Kate's First FaceSitting Experience! (Part 2 of 2)
Kate's First FaceSitting Experience! (Part 2 of 2)

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Kate continues to have fun sitting on a face for the first time! She moves into a reverse facesitting position! "So you want some feet and some ass. oh yeah hmmm" she says wiggling her bum over his face smothering him while holding his head in place with her feet! She lets him breathe a little looking down over her shoulder into his his eyes with a cute smile before lowering her young 18 year old bum back on his face! "Didn't your mom teach you anything other than being a little pussy who likes pink?" she asks. Kate continues with her cruel verbal assaults, she is a total bully! Then she gets off his face only to take off her shorts and put them over his face then sits over his face in her underwear. VERY CUTE PINK PANTIES TOO! "You know you get a little more boring everytime I see you?" she tells him. She sees a spider in the corner near him and moves his hand towards it hoping it'll bite him. She remains seated so he can't escape! "You're such a woman! God!" she yells at him for resisting! The mean things she would do to someone for her own amusement is scary! She knows he fears spiders! THIS IS THE CONCLUSION TO KATE'S FIRST FACESITTING EXPERIENCE! SHE'S CUTE AS ALWAYS! KATE MAY BE A BIT OF A BULLY BUT WE LOVE HER! (CLIP TIME 7:58)