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Kate's Counting Game Round 3
Kate's Counting Game Round 3

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HOLD YOUR BREATH! UNDER MY BUM CHEEKS YOU GO! "Are you ready? Nod if you are!" Kate says looking down on your excitingly as she's about to sit on your face! At the beginning she starts with an easy number, 10! She sits on your face while slowly counting to 10! "How's that? That was pretty easy wasn't it? I think we should try for 20! You think you can do 20? If you can't do 20 then you shouldn't be worthy of oxygen!" Kate says with a giggle! Kate sits on your face and the countdown begins! She hits a lot of half numbers just to make you sweat a little! "6, 5, 4, 3...wait...what number was I at? Was I at 3? Are you nodding I can't tell? Are you de@d?" she asks wondering! "3,,,no wait 5 right? 5, 4, 3, 2, ahhhhh 1...and...NO NOT YET LETS KEEP GOING! COME ON! 10 MORE! 10 MORE! NO COME ON! 10 MORE! LETS MAKE IT EXCITING!" Kate says excited and happy as she remains sitting on your face! Once she's done her countdown she lets you catch your breath before the next big one! "What should we do, should we do a minute? I think that's illegal! haha! Are you going to arrest me if I make you hold your breath for a minute? Ok let's do a minute! Get in! I want to feel you in there! Get in! 60, 59, 58..." Kate says slowly counting down while giggling! She's going to either leave you breathless, or leave you unconsci0us, which will it be!? (CLIP TIME 4:52)