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Hot, Sweaty, Office Panties!
Hot, Sweaty, Office Panties!

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This was shot friday evening right after Alika finished a long 8hr shift at work! Wearing the same business pants and panties she had on all day! She sat on my face while sipping her coffee and typing away on her phone. She bounced on my face a few times for a good laugh! She complained about the crappy wi-fi signal she was getting from my basement, and how there was no 3G network down there. "Trying to get comfortable!" she said wiggling her bum over my face! "Is it squished enough? I think so. Yeah! hahaha" she said positioning herself perfectly! She lost her netowork connection so finally put her phone down. She had a long day at work and was tired of being in her pants all day so she lowers them before sitting on my face! My face was buried in her hot, sweaty, panties that she wore all day at the office! The smell was incredibly hot! (CLIP TIME 9:26)