Lady Bunt
Harmony's First Trample Experience!
Harmony's First Trample Experience!

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Harmony giggles at the thought of walking on someone! She can't believe what she's about to do! "Ahh I feel bad, I weigh 140 pounds." Harmony warns. She giggles innocently as she's about to step up on him! She mutters again before taking her first step, "I feel really bad about this I'm so sorry!". Then she does it! She steps up and stands on him while still giggling! After a few seconds she taps his head to the side stepping down lightly on the side of his head. She's experimenting! "You ok?" she asks just to make sure he didn't break any bones under there! "Oh man..." she sighs in disbelief! "Am I too heavy?" she asks a little concerned for his safety! FIRST EXPERIENCES IN MY OPINION ARE ALWAYS THE BEST! SEEING A GIRL'S FIRST REACTION BEFORE STANDING ON SOMEONE IS SOMETHING YOU WILL ONLY SEE ONCE! ENJOY!