Lady Bunt
Hailey's Fluffy Socks!
Hailey's Fluffy Socks!

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"Wait till I make you eat mud or something!" Hailey says as Walter adjusts the camera on the tripod! Walter gets down before her and begins sniffing her hot fluffy winter socks! She repeatedly kicks his face as he tries sniffing her socks! "I wiped them in the toilet. I used them to wash the toilet and then I put them on!" she says laughing! Walter shakes his head in disbelief! "Yeah I did! Can't you tell?" Hailey asks with a wide grin across her face! "You should open your eyes! Let me poke you in the eye!" she says giggling as she presses her toes into his eye sockets! She then smothers his face with her two feet! "Can you breathe?" she asks squishing his nose and pressing her feet into his face! "Smile for the camera!" she says holding the camera as she repeatedly kicks his face again! He has to give her his undivided attention, or pay the consequences! "Kiss my feet, nicely!" she orders him! "Like you mean it!" she says! She kicks him in the face a few times while taunting him some more, trying to make him cry in front of the camera! "Does it hurt?" she asks kicking his face! "Smell my feet!" she says! Hailey discovers a hole in one of her socks! She finds it, adjusting her sock so he can have easy access to it, then makes him lick it! "There you go, lick it!" she says putting her toes to his mouth! He sticks his tongue in the hole tickling her feet! "Don't tickle me!" she giggles, kicking him in the face repeatedly! "I don't want you to tickle me! I want you to lick it! Can't you follow simple instructions?" She goes back to making him sniff her socks while kicking his face, calling him a pussy, and telling him to take it like a man! At this point Walter's had enough and tries to fight the camera off her!