Lady Bunt
Hailey's Cute Ankle Socks!
Hailey's Cute Ankle Socks!

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As Walter drops to his knees, Hailey's gorgeous smile lights the room! Hailey's wearing well worn, dirty, thin, white ankle socks with cute pink designs on them. One sock even has a small hole in it! She's so adorable! "You should probably give me the camera! Give me the camera! Give it to meeee!" Hailey demands in a threatening tone! Walter unhooks the camera from the tripod and passes it to her at once. "This is Walter's face...stop pulling away!...being squished by my feet!" she says proudly showing off the squished face beneath her feet! She tease him about the smell of her socks a few times making funny comments! Hailey zooms in for a close-up and tries picking his nose with her toes! Hailey always finds creative ways to amuse herself during her shoots! "How long can you last? Donnnnn't breathe!" she says laughing while smothering his face! Hailey just found another game for him to play! "Let's see if he turns purple! Or even blue! And then white cause he has no air left, and d1es! hahaha" she says pressing her feet hard against his face so he can't breathe! Once she's bored with her smothering game while still crushing his nose beneath her feet she coerces him to smell them! "Who likes to smell feet?" she wonders out loud! After smelling her feet she prsses hard against his nose again smothering him once more! "Now can you breathe? I'll poke you in the eyes!" she threatens! "My socks are kind of dirty, can you lick them?" Hailey asks giggling as he begins licking the dirt off her socks! "Do they taste good? Kind of cottony? I wore them in dirt just before I came here just for you! haha I stepped in cat p00p too! hahaha So it should be nice and tasty for you!" she says laughing! He gets a piece of dirt in his mouth from licking her socks and she tells him to eat it! "You could eat that! Eat it! haha" He tickles her feet a little as he licks, making her giggle! "Are they clean yet?" she asks, coercing him to continue licking her socks until they're sparkly clean!