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Hailey's Birthday Demands!
Hailey's Birthday Demands!

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It's Hailey's 19th birthday! She's going to read out to you guys her birthday demands all while standing on Walter's neck and head! She expects all of us to follow them without question! Memorize these demands because they will become your new 10 commandments! To name a few: HERE'S 4 OUT OF HER 10 DEMANDS: 1) I get to do whatever I want! 2) You have to grovel at my feet! 4) Everyone of you pathetic losers MUST buy this clip or else! 5) You have to obey me forever... At the end of the clip she even JUMPS on Walter's head while giggling! M E A N! PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY HAILEY, ON HER BIRTHDAY! SHE CAUSED A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF TROUBLE, PAIN, AND SUFFERING! HOWEVER, FOR HAILEY TO VISIT US ON HER BIRTHDAY AND PRODUCE HER OWN CLIP FOR EVERYONE TO ENJOY, IT WAS EXTREMELY SWEET AND KIND OF HER! THANK YOU HAILEY, FROM MYSELF, OUR GORGEOUS TEAM OF GIRLS, AND YOUR LEGIONS OF DORKS FROM AROUND THE WORLD, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!