Lady Bunt
Hailey's 2 for 1 Specials don't come Cheap!
Hailey's 2 for 1 Specials don't come Cheap!

Video-Length: 9m 38s
Video-Resolution: 720x480 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 1568 kbit/s
Video-Format: WMV
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Language: English


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It's Hailey's birthday clip and she's being generous enough to give everyone a 2 for 1 special! The special is her beating up two boys for the price of one! What's special about this clip is that the camera rolls from beginning to end! The clip begins with a 'behind the scenes' look of Hailey organizing the shoot! She walks up to our young webmaster Chris, "We're going to have a 2 for 1 special, come on!". He follows her as she looks into the camera commenting, "I love how people listen to me even though they seen my videos! hahaha". Hailey always stirs up a lot of trouble in her videos, but seeing as how this time is her birthday, this gorgeous angel is about to raise hell! After tons of shouting and abuse she finally gets the two boys together! She trample/dances on Chris under the back of a chair before placing him beneath her feet as Walter is left choking beneath the stool she's about to sit on! Hailey ignores their suffering as she talks on and on about her new, desginer, sparkly gold dress, that Walter bought her for her birthday! She says it's all thanks to losers buying her clips that Walter buys her really nice designer clothes! After she's done talking about the dress she turns back to abusing the boys squirming beneath her! Grabbing fistfulls of rocks she throws them at their faces and at Walter's NUTS! She refuses to get off the stool that's choking Walter until he agrees to payout yet another bonus! She continues to stomp his ribs and whip more rocks at him from atop her throne, as the pressure of her weight crushes down his throat keeping him pinned and trapped beneath her! After she's finally done with them, we see her film another 'behind the scenes' style footage of them slowly getting up in pain! HAILEY RAISED HELL ON HER BIRTHDAY! SERIOUSLY THOUGH, SHE DID! WALTER RAN AWAY FROM HER SEVERAL TIMES BECAUSE OF HER EXTREME ABUSIVENESS! SHE STOMPED DOWN ON HIS HEAD AND IT HIT THE FLOOR HARD! NOT TO MENTION SHE BREAKS A DOOR FRAME TO GET HIM AND DRAG HIS BUTT BACK IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA! A FUN AND HIGHLY ENTERTAINING MASTERPIECE LIKE NO OTHER CLIP YOU'VE EVER SEEN BEFORE! NO HAILEY FAN SHOULD BE WITHOUT! SHE'S OUR CRAZY JUNGLE MONKEY! :P