Lady Bunt
Gothic Brat Nadia (Complete)
Gothic Brat Nadia (Complete)

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"You know what the problem is with you Walter is? You're living in a fantasy world where you actually matter!" she tells him as she sits on his face with her fullweight! "So you see I don't care how much you move, squirm, or wine. I'm not going to move, I don't give a $hit!" she explains as his body squirms begging for air! She pulls him by the hair holding his head firmly under her ass! "You're shaking! You poor little thing!" she says as his body shakes and his eyes continue to water making it look like he's crying! She SITS right back on his face laughing making fun of him that he actually believed she had compassion for him! She's so cold! Walter fights for a breath of air saying he's nearly going to pass out! "YEAH!?" Nadia exclaims with excitement and a big bright smile on her face grabbing him by the hair and sitting back on his face! She laughs about not knowing CPR so if he he's a gonner! INTENSE SMOTHERING ACTION FROM BEGINNING TO END! NADIA IS MERCILESS! SHE SMOTHERS WALTER UNTIL HIS FACE CHANGES COLOR AND HIS EYES WATER! ALL WHILE GIGGLING AND VERBALLY HUMILIATING HIM AS HE SUFFERS AND SQUIRMS UNDER HER GORGEOUS ASS! SHE'S SO CRUEL AND MEAN WE DIDN'T THINK HE'D COME OUT ALIVE UNDER THERE!